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CAD Modeling and FEA and Simulation Experts

                  FEA - Finite Element Analysis
EXCELLENCE in ENGINEERING - Using CAD and Finite Element Methods for design and analysis
Proposal Assistance
Engineering Excellence for 35 years

  • Proposals may be part of another job, i.e., project management or project engineer or other partnering arrangement.

  • Proposals may be all or in-part as a stand-alone effort.

  • Proposals efforts can include:
    • Concept - from sketches to animated/rendered walk-thru's.
    • Verification - creating the appropriate response charts, matrices, pictures & documents to show that the proposal responds to all the specifications in the bid documents.
    • Pricing - when level of involvement is appropriate & based on tasks, partnering, etc., we can assist with, or create, costing/estimates/pricing.
    • Proposal software - create the computer files necessary to display/tranfer the proposal.
      • PowerPoint presentation files

      • Graphics in various formats

      • Animations & Walk-thru's & Fly-over's where appropriate
    • Proposal hard copy - create the output for sending to printer as req'd and/or creating the completed documents for delivery. This can also be hard copy of software, i.e., tapes, CD's, ftp files, etc.
    • Proposal Presentation - under some circumstances it may be appropriate for us to participate in and/or present the actual proposal.
    • Proposals on the Web - high inpact, low kbyte, animated graphics files for web-based proposals or transmission using HTML 4 based tools. Allows nice animated graphics that still run on older machines, browsers and slower modems.
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