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                  FEA - Finite Element Analysis
EXCELLENCE in ENGINEERING - Using CAD and Finite Element Methods for design and analysis
Who Is Industrial Construction Company?
Engineering Excellence for 35 years

Industrial Construction Company is an images/Test Image_1.gifengineering firm specializing in advanced design/modeling/analysis & project management techniques. We specialize in tough problem solving, whether the problem is strength, materials, environment and construction constraints or a drop-dead delivery date.

As a computer oriented company, Industrial Construction Company employs the most modern engineering techniques, including - but not limited to:
  • 3D CAD - Both solids and surface modeling using the scheme that one model serves all purposes, increasing accuracy & decreasing time from concept to manufacturing drawing. Most CAD formats supported. Both animations and rendered stills can be used for proposals/presentations.

  • 3D ANALYSIS - Kinematics (bodies in motion) and F.E.A. (stress & strain, deflection, modal, etc. within a body/structure), including animated, colored and shaded output plots (in various display formats), Autodesk-Algor Simulation and MSC Visual Nastran Motion.

  • LINKED DOCUMENTS - Project documents can be "live" and include dynamic linking to:
    Example of analysis of Boom design for CAT 5140
    • CAD drawings
    • Part/Materials lists & Parts/Maintenance Manuals
    • Operations manuals
    • Stress Manuals
    • Verification Matrix/test Plan/Documeat Control Matrix
    • Project/Control Management Plans
As a computer oriented company, Industrial Construction Company can converge on a solution, test it virtually for form/fit/function, and be ready with manufaturing drawings - often before others can decide on a design. This is because the newest tools give us the ability to run many more iterations (what-if's) in a very small period of time - thus driving convergence. Using the "single model" approach means that when we do converge at a solution, we have most of the drafting work already done. Creating certain links between documents prevents costly re-write & mistakes.
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